Now that I have a full time job in fashion, I don’t really have much time left for myself, and when I do , I have got to have everything perfectly planned . A while ago, I had a Saturday for myself and shoot a few pics with a new addiction in my closet, due to my shopping experience at the Romwe website, where I found this amazing item that I have been looking  at for ages ! The black t-shirt I am wearing is the perfect combination of a Casual Chic style ,that pushed me to  try a new makeup on ,and a new haircut , just in order to be perfect while wearing my fancy T-Shirt with “volant “  ! I felt confident and ready enough to go out and make amazing things!

Then I realized that it was raining outside , YEP. After a few minutes of reflections about the irony , I took my decision : good weather or not , this was the only chance I had to make my little walk, discovering new corners of the city and take a few pictures. So I took my new black hat on ( a Christmas gift from my sister ) and enjoyed the Saturday afternoon that I planned !


I am happy to say I took the best decision ! Because I had the chance to shoot some picture of a lovely place,that you should visit if you are ever coming to Milan , and even more if you are a balcony lover like this one typing! The short but pretty characteristic Via S.Maurilio , It’s a hidden side street of the most popular Via Torino , where you can find many art galleries , boutiques and lovely buildings,at five minutes from Duomo ,which is always a good stop, even more now that Starbucks sponsored palm trees ..but anyway ! After  this walk under the rain in my total black outfit I ended my day with a delicious  dinner at the Ramen Station in Porta Ticinese , my new obsession when it comes to food ..

I am perfectly aware that the cold weather + the rain + my low quality photography camera were against me but I did my best to shoot some lovely pictures of my new elegant T-Shirt from ROMWE ,creating a black on black outfit,can’t wait to shop more from this website !