Finally, I had the time to visit an amazing new location of Milan called, City life..

After a little walk around our neighborhood Raffaele and I started to feel a little spiritless ,and asked ourselves:

Where can we go today to enjoy a cold but sunny afternoon??

Big question , I know ! The answer was, let’s go and check those new huge towers everybody is talking about . Now ,believe me when I say you don’t need to be obsessed with architecture to enjoy the beautiful view of those expensive buildings!


The straight one, is called “IL Dritto “ , was nominated by Emporis as the 3rd best skyscraper in the world designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki in collaboration with Italian architect Andrea Maffei.

The one under construction is called “Lo Storto “ designed by famous Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid .
The one that will be located between those two buildings is called “ IL Curvo” , it will be made of sustainable, state-of-the-art glass, that will reflect the green park below and vistas around.

But let’s focus on Zaha Hadid concept for a second..

We are talking about the first woman winner of the Pritzker Price ( the most prestigious award meant to honor the most talented Architect alive ) without focusing on the fact that she is like a Goddess to me, ( seriously if I was polytheist,she would have been my idea of architecture goddess or something similar, but anyway..

The buildings she designed are absolutely amazing, I know that when you look it at first sight you think at a cruise ship, than you think about the book High – Rise from J.G Ballard , ( or even better the movie with charming Tom Hiddleston ..) can’t deny I did either, but walking through this lovely place you realize there is  so much more, a certain feeling of calm and peace, while you are actually surrounded by nature, progress and beauty at the same time. A perfect balanced equilibrium of things that usually don’t go along together. The outfit I selected for this little walk inside ~ City life ~ is a combination of a cream colored ecofur hat in traditional Russian design and matched sweater ,both from the Italian Dani I love this Brand ..