An Outfit by Shein

I know that Ice-cream isn’t really FOOD FOR THE WINTER   ,even my favorite chili dark chocolate flavor from Latte Neve ,   but trust me we are living an unusual early summer heat!

I am desperately waiting for a good “hot-chocolate — warm blanket “ weather but it seems I have to wait a few weeks before my inner coziness is satisfied. As you may know another tough aspect of this unstable weather is the wardrobe, What to wear ? Do I have to replace summer clothes with winter clothes? No need to say that there is only one answer .This outfit by SheIn, helped me in a way !

I have to admit I actually enjoy dress on layers, It gives me the chance to use all my leather jackets and many hats and scarfs ! As much as I enjoy to switch from an haircut to another ! ( check this article here )Lately I am often wearing this beautiful Fluted Sleeve Botanical Embroidered Tulle Top FROM SheIn, one of my favorite e-Commerce when it comes to casual outfits ! This is the second collaboration I have with this brand as a blogger and I have to say their website is always filled with the latest trends and fitting sales, not bad ah?? The embroidered top is my top piece of the moment, how could it not be? Sexy but still elegant and casual, easy to wear everywhere despite the transparency ! I combined this outfit by SheIn,it with a light blue denim ripped jeans, net black fishnet socks, black leather jacket, campaign black hat, and my precious Alma from Louis Vuitton ..