A Vintage Touch – Versace Vibes



Do you ever wake up with a different mood?

A few days ago I woke up with a mind full of ideas and vintage vibes all around me .From the car that I snapped from a wedding shooting, to the Guy Bourdin book I found in a book shop . I am visiting my family for summer , and as usually one of the first things that I do is to snoop in my mother closet . I am always looking for items that looks like those I see in fashion shows . What I noticed is that not only  that 90s style became  ordinary ,but the 80s are finding their way in . I usually look for stylish minimal items , with caution of course , I  will never surrender to perms and shoulder pads !

Beach Kaftan

Anyway I am pretty satisfied about the blouse I picked . It’s a Vintage Versace Blouse in cotton with golden buttons  . Planning to wear this beauty as a chic beach kaftan , perfect for summer . I will soon move to the beach house , so I am all about summer clothing lately . Since I am following this mood I  dedicate a song to this lovely piece of Vintage Versace and to my sweet MUM that let me keep it !

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