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How to get here :

The Museum is located in the Museum Quarter, in Paulus Potterstraat 7, between the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum, It is easily accessible from Central Station with trams 2 AND 5 , It’s a nice route to enjoy by tram.

Audiotour :

The audio-tour for the permanent collection is  available in English and also other languages ,but don’t forget to book ahead if you are planning a visit for more than 20 people !


This isn’t a cheap ticket , we can all agree about that, admission tickets for the Van Gogh Museum is currently €17 ,free for children under 18. No student or other age-related discounts are offered . Buy tickets online :  save time and enter the museum at the date and time chosen, I actually had a  booking priority printed from the hotel Concierge Service ,which brought me to the ” booking priority”queue, you should consider that Van Gogh Museum is one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam , an average  queue lasts 60 minutes and a visit to the museum lasts approximately 75 minutes.

So don’t forget :

Adults, entrance and multimedia tour: € 22.00
Adults, only one entry: € 17.00
Children (0-17 years): free entrance


If you love art are not familiar with this syndrome you should consider yourself enough lucky! Also called ” FLORENCE SYNDROME ” ,this ” psychosomatic disorder ”  causes rapid pulsations, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, which can also be the first time you see something glorious ( for example I fainted the first time I saw a norwegian Fiord ) but particularly viewing art.As a deep art lover , I often visit museums  and art galleries ,I had my first Standhal  symptoms when I was a child  visiting The Sistine Chapel in Rome, I remember shivering in the back , a sensation of cold and cold sweat.

So If you are a victim of the STANDHAL SYNDROME , you will be happy to know that at the first floor you will find some wooden cabins to relax !

I used one for 5 minutes and I attributed  the “responsibilities ” to :  THE POTATO EATERS , THE BEDROOM and WHEATFIELD WITH CROWS , all painted by Van Gogh .

A box ( cabin ) marked Stendhal Syndrome- Van Gogh Museum

A box ( cabin ) marked Stendhal Syndrome- Van Gogh Museum


The collection includes 200 paintings and 550 drawings and watercolors ,works that document the various stages of the life of Van Gogh, from childhood, to the various emotional stages, until death.

Van Gogh’s work is arranged in chronological order and divided into five periods :


The permanent collection, arranged on three floors, allows to follow the artistic evolution of Van Gogh and to compare the work of the painter with other artists of the XIX Century.There are also from time to time, regular exhibitions of artists and movements of the nineteenth century.

Everything starts as a chronological exhibition.Van Gogh experimented a lot notwithstanding he chose to be an artist at the age of 27 , after a short past as a salesperson, a teacher and a bookseller .He was a complex man before being a complex artist, this is well exlplained inside the first room of the Museum called :

Young Vincent :

An endearing beginning , inside this room you are ” introduced ” to a modest family ,a Protestant minister family, living in the village of Zundert . At eleven years old , a young ” Vincent ” is transferred from the village school in Zundert to a boarding school in Zevenbergen, where he was deeply unhappy, he managed until his second academic year (1867–68) and then left the school .Afer few years he worked as trainee at the international art dealer Goupil & Cie, the fist letter recovered , addressed to his young brother Theo dates from these first years at Goupil .

Inside this room you will read many pieces of correspondence from Van Gogh to Paul Gauguinand ,Emile Bernard, Paul Signac ,Joseph Roulin and many others ,but the letters to his brother Theo are touching.


It’s one of the most intimate painting I have ever seen .

Difficult to describe , I had no idea this painting could have been so touching ,and I can’t easily find the words to describe it .

The painting has to represent the difficult and severe reality of country life, so he gave the peasants rugged faces and ruined working hands.The colors are so dark but the figures are so real, hard workers that honestly earned their food. Even the choice of the food is iconic;

It’s a private moment , a moment of supper  around a table, we all know the sensation ,maybe that’s the reason why this is so touching .

The Potato Eaters Vincent van Gogh, 1885

The Potato Eaters
Vincent van Gogh, 1885

Sunflowers :

Made between 1888 and 1889, Van Gogh’s paintings of sunflowers are surely between his most famous ,he used three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’ to demonstrate that it is possible to create something full of movement using just one color ,and we can all agree about that !this is a message of hope ,It was painted during a rare period of  optimism that Van Gogh  had before his friend arrived ,Paul Gauguin, for whom he reserved a strong admiration.

Sunflowers - Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Sunflowers – Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Almond Blossom :

Almond Blossom - Vincent van Gogh, 1890

Almond Blossom – Vincent van Gogh, 1890

A bright blue sky background ,Large blossom branches against it . This is already beautiful if you look at it inside a garden , I didn’t think it was possible to improve the beauty of the nature , but in this painting happened , thanks to Van Gogh deep sensibility .There is still hope inside this painting , even if I should say that hope burst from this painting!This was made to celebrate the birth of his nephew ” VINCENT WILLEM ” a son of his brother Theo. The words Theo wrote are touching :

“As we told you, we’ll name him after you, and I’m making the wish that he may be as determined and as courageous as you are  ” .

I think those paintings involving flowers are the most peaceful of Van Gogh career , they represent a strong contrast with the rest of the paintings present in the museum .

Gate in the Paris Ramparts :

This is an ambitious drawings made by  Van Gogh during his period in Paris, he was inspired by neo – impressionism current ,trying to use the color contrasts while representing one of the entrances with long ramparts and walls that still surrounded Paris when Van Gogh lived there.

Gate in the Paris Ramparts Vincent van Gogh, 1887

Gate in the Paris Ramparts
Vincent van Gogh, 1887

Wheatfield with Crows :

Wheatfields around Auvers are the subject he represented the most in the last period of his life,there is lonerliness ,and a strong sadness. Wheatfield with Crows was long considered the last work of his career ,powerful  union of colors,he path is red while  the wheat is yellow-orange intensified by the green bands of grass, all this in put a strong contrast with the blue of the sky , a sky full of crows , omen of death.

Wheatfield with Crows - Vincent van Gogh, 1890

Wheatfield with Crows –
Vincent van Gogh, 1890


 LovingVincent  Website.

Trailer from the upcoming film “Loving Vincent” by Breakthru Films, I absolutely adore it!

If you are wondering , the name of the song is ”  The Spirit Of The Creator Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters ” from the soundtrack of the movie NOAH , Directed by Darren Aronofsky.


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