Usually during my trips I love to lose myself between the streets,
taking pictures , looking for nice shops,wondering how nice it would be to live there,but I ‘ve got to say this isn’t the right plan to visit a city like Milan . Milan It’s a cutting-edge city, with style and elegance despite the big ” metropolis ” kind of confusion,and I really want to help you enjoy it!


This isn’t a huge city,even if there is an excellent network of public transportation,you can easily walk inside zone 1,you’ll see city center (and I mean the top of the DUOMO of MILAN) while walking almost from everywhere !

The center of the city comprises a large and beautiful residential areas,various cafes and art galleries,shops from cheap to very expensive,and ancient universities.

Milano Duomo – It’s the city’s iconic symbol, and it’s located in the heart of the center. It’s free to go in, it’s huge and very well detailed,(I mean there are 34oo statues, 135 gargoyles and 700 figures ) ! You can visit the cathedral’s splendid terraces and enjoy an incomparable, panoramic view of the city. Watch out for the dress code!no dresses above the knee and no shorts!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II — just a quick walk-through to admire the domed glass ceilings until you reach Piazza della Scala , were is located the famous Theater Teatro della Scala . Such a fancy location for a little walk .


As a matter of facts I think that you should spend a little time visiting ancient buildings not only because they are full of history and amazingly beautiful but also cause it’s free ! For example :

“Castello Sforzesco “, built by Francesco Sforza,in the 15th century .

Sforza Castle- Piazza Castello, Milano

Sforza Castle- Piazza Castello, Milano

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Brera Academy ” , those two universities are located in the heart of the city inside elegant old-fashioned constructions .

Università Cattolica del sacro cuore - MILANO

Università Cattolica del sacro cuore – MILANO


Università Cattolica del sacro cuore – MILANO

Located next to the ” Basilica of SantAmbrogio “, it is one of the most prestigious architectural complex of Milan.
In minutes,  you can reach  : the Duomo, Santa Maria delle Grazie , the Castello Sforzesco and many others.

Accademia delle belle art

Accademia delle belle arti di BRERA – MILAN

You can chose to visit  a part ” PALAZZO BRERA” were the “Brera Academy ” is located for free, or the picture gallery of the accademia, now the Pinacoteca di Brera, (for a price of 10 euro full ticket) .


Bars are everywhere and I mean Everywhere, you really just need to chose the kind of bar you like the most ! Fashionable,lounge bar, juice and Smoothies bar,patisseries the list is endless, but this is good for you because you can find a nice spot to rest with no effort! When I want to feel more like an elegant Lady (instead of a student in a budget) I often go to an ancient patisserie set in Milan since 1824 “ PASTICCERIA MARCHESI “,an iconic cafè located in Via S. Maria alla Porta 11/a, 20123 . This is a glorious place specialized in classic Italian desserts, you can take a delicious brake and pretend to be fancy just through some delicate pastry .

Pasticceria Marchesi - Milano

Pasticceria Marchesi – Via S. Maria alla Porta 11/a, Milano

But when I am in the mood for something more ” contemporary ” I prefer to have a tasty stop to  California Bakery ,Sandwiches, American pies and cakes,and a sweet atmosphere.

Backdoor43 ” –Porta Genova   It’s a cool place , that can be  all yours for 2 hours because the entrance is allowed a maximum of 4 people at a time !the cocktails are excellent and the Design unique ! But there are rules, for example you can only order a cocktail at a time and  besides your order do not ask any more question .

Backdoor 43- Milan

Backdoor 43-  Porta Genova Milan

Le Biciclette :  Everything is close to contemporary art, to design, cutting-edge restaurants and quality music.Not to be missed for those seeking a pleasant atmosphere .


Le Biciclette – Via Giovanni Battista Torti, 2, Milano


BRERA  —Brera is  the prettiest part of Milan if you are looking  for somewhere nice where spend a sunny afternoon as long as an eventful evening. The streets are less busy, and they’re full of  cute boutique shops, art galleries ,cafes and small restaurants, fortune tellers and small musical groups playing in the street .Lovely perfection  !

My favorite Art Gallery  is called Robertaebasta, I can’t tell how many times I walked there,looking to all those design pieces with open eyes and a heart full admiration . The gallery is full of furniture, and design pieces coming from the greatest authors of the twentieth century. If you love Interior Design,trust me just visit this paradise .

From Brera you can reach CORSO COMO with a 10 minutes walk, I suggest you to visit this place for a glamorous after dinner .

NAVIGLI,PORTA GENOVA, the perfect place for an Happy Hour ! You can walk from piazza Duomo through Via Torino until Colonne di San Lorenzo ( The right open space to drink a beer downtown ), then cross Porta Ticinese until Piazza XXIV maggio . It’s a 20-30 minutes walk,It depends of how many pictures you take during the way!


I am not going to say this is the best city where to eat in Italy (at least for me) ! but this is compensates from a big choice of  cuisines from different parts of the world ,this is something you can’t easily find the rest of Italy.

Risotto alla Milanese —  cooked with saffron, in a sweet golden color

Cotoletta alla Milanese — Coated in beaten eggs and dipped in breadcrumbs, then gently pan-fried

Ossobuco — Stewed veal shank, served with the bone (and the marrow)

Panettone — Sweet Christmas cake-bread full of candied fruit

Gorgonzola —  A succulent Cheese

Ice cream – This is just amazing everywhere you eat it !

Not famous for the common street food ,but for its bakeries ! The smell of freshly baked bread , pizza and brioches infuse so many streets!

” LUINI BAKERY SINCE 1888″ – in  Via Santa Radegonda,16

Hide behind “Piazza Duomo” , you will find the famous ” LUINI BAKERY SINCE 1888” famous for the recipe for the panzerotti dough ! A fried poetry .


Panzerotti Luini

IL KAIMANO :Via Fiori Chiari, 20 .

When it comes to restaurants I often suggest  Ristorante Il Kaimano,the staff is polite and treat you with regard, the kitchen is great, and the value for money is fair for the area. You can eat pizza as long as typical dishes . If you are lucky enough to eat outside you will be surrounded by the live music and a perfect old Italian style atmosphere .



Breakfast : €3-€6

Lunch: €6-€10
Dinner: €10-€15
Treat (dessert/beer/wine): €2 – €5


METRO tickets : €1.50 Validity: 90 minutes  from the validation; Carnet Price: € 13.80
Validity: 10 to 90 minutes travel each from validation.


(Hostel): €20, ( B&B ) :€ 30-€ 100 ( double room )  ; Hotels ( double room ) from € 80 .