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If you’ve been to London, you’ve probably been to Camden, at least once. As a big market lover I shall say that Camden Market wasn’t just a good one, it was amazing. It is basically like a festival, food from everywhere, music, the huge variety of people. From tourists to punks playfully asking money to get drunk.

Let’s start from the shops on Camden Market, I am sure there is no need to create an introduction for a legendary show lover spot : IRREGURAL CHOICE: This store simply represents the eccentricity of Camden in shoes form ..

CEREAL KILLER CAFè: the Worlds first International Cereal Cafe. This Should say everything about this cool place! If you are obsessed with everything cereal just give it a try, you can find over 100 different types of cereal from around the world, a big variety of milk and toppings as well!

Basically all storefronts are either brightly painted or decorated with huge sculptures representing the goods they sell in !

                                        MOM FIT JEANS

In order to feel super comfy and enjoy my day, I wore my new denim , a momfit design this time, Me and denim have a bit of wired relationship. There were years when I completely swore off jeans in favor of shorts and leggings ( yep even in winter ), but I always come back ,mostly when I find the design I love . To find the ‘perfect pair’, is the big quest , I can’t say I did yet! The only thing I know is that as long as my Jeans are comfy and fits me well enough , the deal is made. Matching a paillettes belt and a white t-shirt , that says “ MOLA “, a Spanish word with an unclear meaning something between “ being cool “ and “feeling cool” . I don’t really get how but later that night this world became the topic of  the moment  , providing me a lot of attention while I went out dancing at KOKO London ,an amazing NightClub in Camden High , but this is another story!