It’s Got To Be London

london in the heart

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Piccadilly Circus

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Istagram notes to strangers

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Shake Shack – Covent Garden

British Pub

British Pub

                                   MY LAST MINUTE LONDON TRIP

I don’t head to London too often, but when I do, I always seem to end up with a LIFETIME EXPERIENCE . This time particulary , since I went along with a couple of energetic blondies : Bea and Rosa . Rosa and I grew up toghether as cousins ,I know since the minute she was born , just six months and 1 day after me , she likes photography ,travels and baking more than anything else! plus she is a pretty fast-talker , way faster then avarage human being . Bea is a new discover to me,an explosion of life I shall say ! We met while working for an High Fashion brand in Milan, she is a model , a globe trotter and life lover , long story short we booked our tickets for London one week after we met .. sounds ceazy right? Maybe it is , but sometimes in life you have got to trust your feelings ,we did and created some fab memories in one of my favorite places in the world .

4 DAYS full rushing from on place to another ,walking as much as we could ,and even more!We ate amazing street food , like this burger from ShakeShack , ( feel so lucky there is not a single Shake Shack in Milan , I would eat there like everyday )!

I admit that once in Carnaby street I should have dress up in the Swinging 60s London style …shame on me … But even without being properly dress for the situation , we had the chance to snap a few pictures around and wonder about the vibes that this area provides .

While reaching Piccadilly Circus , we stopped by when we found a pub to eat something authentically British . After all, this is the epicenter of the lifestyle of London west end, the place where creatives went to find inspiration ,so why shouldn’t we stop by and chat about life lately ?

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Carnaby Street

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Carnaby Street


Tulips – Golden Square


Golden Square


Golden Square


Golden Square