DAEdove – A LIFESAVER APP for Italy Lovers



Screenshot of DAE available in the area

Screenshot of DAE available in the area


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                                                TRAVEL SAFETY

Have you ever traveled in Italy ? The great country where I was born, offers many attractions for tourists, monuments, narrow streets, walking tours, I can not deny that even if beautiful, this county can be physically tiring, even more if you are enjoying all the Italian delights, like you are supposed to do! If you are a tireless traveler, or a random one, I am sure you have a little folder on your smart phone full of useful App for travelers, TripAdvisor,Nearify, Evernote, Google Maps surely are on the top of my list ! And also a little safety box in your suitcase with plenty of skin patches and medicines, It’s important to keep equipped for any inconvenience, even more when you try to travel with a trendy look (because usually trendy shoes don’t forget ! ). But do you feel covered for any eventuality? I would have say yes, but lately I’ve been invited to test a new Lifesaver App, called “ DAEdove “, the app that provides a map of semi-automatic defibrillators (AEDs) in Italy.

My impressions?

Quick, simple to use, essential, intuitive, practical, and free for Android and iPhone (which is always important) !

I tested it during my last trip in Rome and Milan, and they worked incredibly well, I found a complete and updated list of all the nearest automated external defibrillator according to where you are (GPS location), each defibrillator indicated on the map is supported by information such as the address and telephone number of the owner, and also the equipment availability schedules. This is App is growing fast,no need to tell they provide a great service, data are provided by a voluntary nonprofit association, engaged in 118 emergency health services with ambulances and idro-ambulances and other activities of social value associated with the health service.

In conclusion, I must say that this App has an immense utility, essential for those suffering from heart problems (and not only) .

I highly recommend downloading this App to enjoy all the Italian beauties and surprises without fear !