Last week I went to Bologna for a special event, Florence and the Machine live at the UNIPOL Arena, amazing concert, you can find all the details in the article, here  FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE :HOW BIG TOUR -LIVE BOLOGNA .

I finally had the chance to revisit this peculiar city, that I visited only one time before (shame on me)!

It was one of the prettiest places I ever had the pleasure of visiting, everything seems to be so comforting, you can actually feel yourself enclosed inside a big hug, and I think this sensation is improved by The walls.These walls , surrounded the city until the early 20th century, when they were almost completely demolished. Today significant sections remain visible in the historic downtown area, that often the Bolognese refer with  the term “Bologna within the walls”.


The famous arcades aren’t only an architectural element but they represent the essence of this city. In the summer they are a perfect refuge from the sun and in the cold seasons a perfect refuge from the rain. The University of Bologna prides itself as the oldest academic establishment in the Western world, founded in 1088AD. It is also a remarkable example of architecture grafted in the oldest part of the town . I captured some graffiti around the University walls with my camera, I found these works of street art so adept to the place, the presence of young people have revitalized the old town previously virtually frequented by older people.


I have seen some of my favorite small shops called ”Botteghe” selling everything, from pasta and fish to flowers. Everything was prepared with meticulous care in the alleys, improving the marvelous landscape, halfway between present and past .

I consumed an unbelievable amount of pasta and but I didn’t shop much for food because I didn’t have much space in my suitcase,and also because it’s a great excuse to return to visit this remarkable city (any food traveler out there??)

Some Italian cities have a nickname that recalls the historical origin it,Bologna has three nicknames: “the Learned, the Fat, Red.” and I must say I had the pleasure to verify all the three of them.