I Actually went to Amsterdam last summer ! But since the city was amazing and I had a big Fun, I thought about giving some suggestion ,after all a new summer is coming and I definitely recommend this destination to everyone at least once!

I absolutely loved the relaxed easy going attitude towards life, it’s incredible, how people do not care about what’s going around and at the same time respect so much the city life !

This city has so much to give, you want to make the most of it, and definitely should !


A lovely sunny day,we arrived in DAM SQUARE early in the afternoon with a bus from Bruxelles , in ten minutes from the ” Eurolines – Stationsplein 3 ” bus station  (not close to Amsterdam central) ,with a “TAXI” , at least this is what we thought,but we found out it was an “unlicenced taxi” with a considerable rush,after a big shake(seems the rightmoment to saywe were eight people squeezed into a mini limousine usually used for lapdance,odd moments yes,but I can’t describe the laughs we had!

After this relevant shake we arrived in our super central accomodation , ” DIE PORT VAN CLEVE HOTEL ” aesthetically pleasing,ideal location and pretty view!




I spent the all day walking the city, enjoying every corner hunger for information and amazement. Making friends,with locals and other travelers ,becomes the most natural thing to do once you stroll the marvelous pathways.


During the “ walking tour “ I learned some history about the city,the canals of Amsterdam are breathtaking, and I enjoyed seeing the city from a boat during the sunset,admiring the unbelievable architecture of the city,luxurious canal houses and charming gabled facades, what can you ask more?




canal lights


I won’t lie pretending I was not curious about ” The Red Light District ”, as a matter of fact you actually stumble in it while walking in the city center without realizing it! Such a singular area,it’s incredible how it manages to balance sex and seediness without being trashy. I think this comes from the residents power of reason, they embrace and respect everything, from the public sexual attraction to the smoking culture, how progressive of them !




We took a Tram and went straight to the ” Museum quarter ”,you can easily reach this district,and then choose the Museum you want to visit,and good luck with that ! If you are a curious fellow like I am, you will get mad with all those options!at the end after a little reflection we chose to visit the ” Van Gogh Museum ”, one of the most admired tourist attractions in the city. You will soon read an article about that in the ”EVENTS” section.

Museum quarter


The slogan ” I Amsterdam ” soon became an icon of the city,sought-after from the tourist because it’s the perfect location for a photo shoot,and we have not been outdone !



Moco Museum with Banksy and Warhol - Amsterdam Museum Square

Moco Museum with Banksy and Warhol – Amsterdam Museum Square

We walked from the Museum quarter Square to the Vondelpark while eating junk food, I definitely think street food it’s a city attraction as long as everything else ! Burgers, cheese,fries and ice cream were attractive but we get mad about sandwiches,with meatballs or herrings, yes herrings! If you love strong flavors like I do you will probably lose your mind and remember this tasty flavor for a long long time ..


Meatball sandwich -AMSTERDAM Street food

Herrings sandwich -AMSTERDAM Street food

Herrings sandwich -AMSTERDAM Street food


Vondelpark – AMSTERDAM

The Vondelpark - AMSTERDAM

The Vondelpark – AMSTERDAM



Loved the park! What a sweet place in the middle of a chaotic city, we took a calm and relaxing walk in the middle of the green with plenty of flowers and birds, the negative note was provided by an aggressive cyclist, who you hit me pretty fast because I was walking too close to the bicycle path, nothing too serious of course! But I found it a little rude,so be careful in your walks!


After a couple of days I woke up with a different spirit, I was so much relaxed,the city welcomed me in an open way, I felt such a big vitality ! It was the perfect way to stroll downtown,looking for something good,and we found it : Madame Tussaud and The Amsterdam Dungeon.

the amsterdam dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon

Might sound a little childish but we had a great fun pretending to be slaves inside the Dungeons ! It’s a short tour into 500 years of Amsterdam’s horrible history, laughing and screaming because you do face many surprises along the way I can assure you that, the actors can choose to pick you, for a ”direct experience ”, I have been selected three times between the group of 30 people, I have been the sailor who was holding the bucket of vomit inside the first room set as a ship, then I have been processed for witchcraft and, since I refused to dance naked I’ve been found guilty from the SPANISH INQUISITION,and burned alive. It’s a great way to spend 80 minutes inside the city ! I definitively recommend it !

After all that ” funny fear ” we got hungry,and guess what? Street food again ! This time Wok to Go !


This little break was just what we needed before The Madame Tussaud, A popular tourist attraction in DAM SQUARE. An entertaining place to visit, I already visited one when I was a child with my parents in Barcelona,and kept the vivid memory in my mind.

Pretending to watch a catwalk with Anne Wintour - MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending to watch a catwalk with Anne Wintour – MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending I was Leonardo inspiration - MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending I was Leonardo inspiration – MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending to be on a megazine cover - MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending to be on a megazine cover – MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending to save E.T (my favourite) - MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

Pretending to save E.T (my favourite) – MADAME TUSSAUDS AMSTERDAM

The Grasshopper - AMSTERDAM

The Grasshopper – AMSTERDAM

And even more shameful pictures… We enjoyed the day that’s for sure ! And then spent the evening at The Grasshopper – Grand Cafe.

The Grasshopper - AMSTERDAM

The Grasshopper – AMSTERDAM

The Grasshopper - AMSTERDAM

The Grasshopper – AMSTERDAM


A little shopping, food tasting, beer tasting, desserts tasting,laughing while wandering between canals and narrow streets. Making quite a lot of considerations about this wonderful city. I have a great memory of this place,the strong contrasts enchanted me .The public sex and weed culture,are placed in the middle of the ancient architecture with the romantic view from the canals surrounded by bike traffic and everyday routine. Like a contemporary art painting, you don’t seem to understand it at the beginning,but after a few hours everything start to make sense.

I will most certainly come back to Amsterdam, and I recommend you to lose yourself …the city will guide you.


Stroopwafel Street Food -Amsterdam

Cheese Museum - AMSTERDAM

Cheese Museum – AMSTERDAM

Tulip Museum - AMSTERDAM

Tulip Museum – AMSTERDAM



Canal from AMSTERDAM

Canal from AMSTERDAM