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A timeless piece of fashion , for both male and women.. The Oversized Coat is a Must , something to have in every wardrobe.. And luckily for us , so many high street brands are offering good choices with an average price. That gets even lower with sales.
To be honest I’m in not in the right moment to be buying new coats . My coat closet is at breaking point ,( the doors are not closing anymore) .. but in my defense when winter rolls in, you can’t live without them…so it’s worth having a few to switch between. I spotted this one in H&M in late august while I was looking for a summer dress . I made it mine straight away at a super cheap price. It’s oversized and warm like a long hug .. But there is a reason for this cozy outfit choices keep on reading ..


                           Toulouse Lautrec. The fleeting world

I have always been in love with the Belle Epoque.. The Moulin Rouge atmosphere .. Music , laughs , sensuality , alcohol ,cigarettes ,painters,singers , lovers ,dreamers ,bohemians.. I consider this to be my things, my people . It’s an inspirational environment to me . When you have nothing to lose you persuade your dreams with passion . “Toulouse Lautrec- The fleeting world “ , at Palazzo Reale introduced me these wonderful figures I am more than happy to introduce you !


 Yvette Guilbert

The famous singer Yvette Guilbert (1867‒1944) ! A genuine star of Paris ,famous places like  the Moulin Rouge and  Divan Japonais have seen  this singer  performe on stage with  pale makeup and black gloves..

 La Goulue

This is a famous poster realized by in 1981 , a piece of art but also advertising ,the famous cancan dancer ” La Goulue ” and her flexible partner ” Valentine le désossé ” are reproduced as silhouettes dancing , while at the popular French club, Moulin Rouge.



Caudieux’s talents lay as a comic ,Toulouse Lautrec has certainly made him a figure of fun here: he’s shown as an ageing performer, portly and overly made up, mincing across the stage with pursed lips. Caudieux was known as the ‘Human Cannon’ which perhaps explains why Toulouse-Lautrec has chosen to depict him in motion.


Jane Avril

One of most famous French can-can dancer ,  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec through his paintings gave her popularity , as much that half a century later, the semi-fictionalized character was reinterpreted by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!










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