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Now as you know , I am Italian , and I love being Italian , as much as I love movies, books and animation . I love the relationship we create with food , mostly Italian Food, and nope , pancakes aren’t what e enjoy at breakfast , not even close . So Imagine what is it like , being an Italian kid , in love with food but also incredibly curious about other countries traditions watching a ton of American movies and reading books and comics that talks about food stuff that you can’t even pronounce ! You better not imagine that, It’s terrible! That’s why I am always seeking iconic food , and that’s probably also the reason why I have this passion for baking . What about Pancakes? Well , Waffle and Pancakes are basically the most represented food in the movie history , I have never been in the U.S A yet , (shame on me ) and I love to keep this idea that Americans eat pancakes every day , and I would like to keep this idea at least in my mind ,thank you very much .

I think the first time I actually ate a pancake , it was homemade ,by my sister , the Iconic food obsession is something that I share with her and some of my cousins . She baked this cake in the pan , which is what pancakes are all about , and then we covered it with Maple syrup , another thing that we never tasted before . I rember I told her she used too much cinnamon in the pancake mix ,and that Raffaele said that the maple syrup tasted like trees .-wait what??-

Anyway ,my sister completed the recipe and became an expert , today is my mother asking her to prepare pancakes ,and believe me , southern Italian mothers are not exactly food explorers! So a few days ago I decided to bake a giant pancake , like those all over Instagram . I created a real brunch with black American coffee and scrambled eggs ( two things that you will never find here ,if not for a hotel intercontinental breakfast ) . I enjoyed having his little brunch for two before spending Sunday afternoon at the park , next time I really want to prepare Chicken Waffle ,so keep on checking blog and Instagram stories !

Here there is a gallery of some:  I HAVE TO TRY PANCAKES Animation movies I remember from my childhood :





 A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie


Adventure time

Adventure time



Sabrina ,the teenage witch


Kiki's delivery service

Kiki’s delivery service

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