ZEBRAS designed by EsvìCode

It is always a surprise how Zebrine wallpapers can be a sensational cover for  the walls of a bright bedroom ,At least for me .

Every time  I start a new set designed for the taste of a fierce woman I look forward for an animalier item, which it is pretty ordinary but also a contagious tendency.

The ” Zebra Chic Stripe Wallpaper in White” by Brewster Home Fashions is the first item i chose. I was hooked by this wallpaper, it gave me the impression of a contrast of matte and glossy inks. Stunning on a wall.


Scalamandre zebras Masai red wallpaper ” found from ETSY.COM, This zebra panel on the wall provides a strong identity,which keeps things appealing. The inspiration came during my daily research of Design Icons ,I found an Italian restaurant called Gino, which opened in 1945 on Lexington Avenue near Sixty-first Street NEW YORK, this lovely place has been known not only for its moderate prices, but also for its tomato-red wallpaper printed with three hundred and fourteen leaping zebras).Wouldn’t you like to eat in such a lovely place? I’d love to!

At this stage I was a little concerned about the lights, using a Zebrine lamp on a zebrine wallpaper it’s not always a good idea, if the items have a bold design,this may look a little too much, and easily transmute into vulgarity. I chose to use Giclee Gallery Blue Zebra 7 1/2” Wide Brushed Steel Mini Pendant” from LAMPSPLUS.COM because it’s a balance of curves and geometric simplicity, It is an articulated mix of metal shade and this exclusive giclee printed pattern, a perfect match with the glossy white cream Zebra Chic Stripe Wallpaper and the Masai red template.



”Zebra Pillow ” decorative pillow cover Color peacock blue on a beige background, to match the lamps, and ” Zebra Stripe”  Decorative Pillow to give a red balance, both from ETSY.COM.

A big and bright boiserie, and a bed chose on WOLFFURNITURE.COM Kentwood Queen Panel Bed” ,to give the right amount of white, this set plays with a variety of white and gray tones, which is the best thing to do when it comes to stripes decor items.

Selamat Designs Gemma Hex Table ” ,PUREHOME.COM enchanted me, I used this squared little table twice to both sides,for the unique contoured silhouette. Its hexagonal shape supports a flat top, that makes it suitable as a striking side table, plant pedestal, or display piece. I decorated with several ethnics pieces,a mirror to increase the light and a minimalist, wire frame container for cactus and flowers.


I hope I gave you a little inspiration with this set, and showed you how easily use animal spots and stripes inside your decor with a soft touch.

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