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Here we go ! I am more than happy to announce a brand new collaboration with  this inspiring Alternative  News Magazine .

 Creative Monday

Let me tell you a bit more about them…

Creative Monday Manifesto matches totally my philosophy ,and also promote a connection between artist and art lovers ,trying to implant a new common sense of social culture trough art.

Creative Monday Mission Statement :

Creative Monday’s mission is to promote creativity and creative people. We believe that creativity is one of the greatest qualities any of us can be blessed with, but society doesn’t allow creativity to be expressed. Society doesn’t want us to think for ourselves, they want us to do what they’re telling us to do rather than creating our own ideas. The world needs people who can think for themselves. We believe that those with the ability to think outside of the box will lead the future and innovate. Barbara Januszkiewicz once said “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change”. We want to inspire change.

I am looking forward to pursuing this collaboration ,I personally  think that  when motivation comes across innovation great things can be created , and Creative Monday looks like a perfect start to me .



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