Meet Carolina Mizrahi , The Vogue Fashion Photographer

Carolina Mizrahi

Carolina Mizrahi Eve Collection


Carolina Mizrahi Eve Collection


Carolina Mizrahi ELLA Collection


Carolina Mizrahi ELLA Collection


Carolina Mizrahi AVATAR Collection


Carolina Mizrahi from Pigeons and Peacocks

carolinamizrahi_VOGUE BAMBINI





Carolina Mizrahi VOGUE ITALY


Carolina Mizrahi VOGUE ITALY

Having built up a vibrant and extensive career in Fashion Design from Rio until London, before transferring to the wonderful world of Fashion Photography, with features for many famous magazines like Vogue Italy,  Pigeons and Peacocks and Old Tat Magazine ! There’s no doubting Carolina Mizrahi has a lot of strings to her bow (such a talented lady).

SV : Hey Carolina! I’ve been completely blown away by your colorful photography! But let’s start from the beginning, for those that haven’t heard of you, and your gorgeous art, can you tell us a little about yourself?
 Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a degree in Fashion Design and also a BA in Fashion Business Management, worked for around 5 years as a menswear designer in Rio de Janeiro. Still in Rio, I started studying photography as a hobby, soon I was collaborating with other artists and shooting for small brands. In 2010, I decided to study abroad for a while and moved to London to do a BA in Fashion Photography and Styling at London College of Fashion. Now, with a background in Fashion Photography I work on commissions and also exhibit and sell my work as an artist.
SV : At the first sight I perceived a celebration of the human body, vaunt as an undisputed beauty, What’s your real intent?
Most of my work turns around the following themes : the representation of women in media ,beauty rituals and gender  stereotypes, each project is an investigation on those theories. On a general basis, I would like to represent women on a positive and diverse way
SV :  To what extent your work is autobiographical?
I think my work is autobiographical to a certain degree. The fact that I am a female artist dealing with mainly female related themes, is a way of dealing with personal concerns in the second person.
 SV : It’s common to spot in Your works, a prevalent palette of pink tones. Do you think this color strengthens your voice of female artist?
I believe the content of my work strengthens my voice as a female artist. Although, I do like pink myself and I think following my instincts is also a way of strengthening my voice as a female artist.
SV :  How do you associate a certain color to the message you want to provide inside your artwork?
I generally do colour associations based on research, common sense or instinct.
SV :  Do you think your choice of representing women in western society through a colorful connection is influenced by your Brazilian origins?
No, I don’t think this is connected with my Brazilian origins. I think colour is a powerful tool of communication and I like to take advantage of it when planning my images. On the other hand, it might have some subconscious connection and I am just not  aware of it. I come from a lively tropical country and I do love color.
SV :  I have been captured by the contrast of materials You use, there is often plastic, but also wood,fruit ,flowers and several textures. Do you use materials to convey your message, and investigate on gender stereotypes ?
I think  every single aspect of the creative direction process is really important when developing a concept. Whenever planning the set design, I keep in mind other image’s aspects, such as make up/hair, styling, model and so on, this way I try to balance all signs/elements of the photo. Is from the outcome of that balance that my message is created.
 SV : Is it London an inspirational city for you?  
Yes, I think London is an extremely inspiring city. Full of cultural diversity, creatively vibrant and very interesting architectural contrasts.
SV :  Where is it possible to buy work?
My work is available at Arrivals (Stockholm), Arusha Gallery (Edinburgh) and you can also buy it straight from me at
SV :  What about your next project ? any anticipation ?
I am currently working on a commission for a gallery based in Amsterdam. It’s really embryonic at the moment, the briefing is about the “good” and the “evil” within human nature.
All Rights Reserved © ESVìCODE | Photo © Carolina Mizrahi

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