Magnetic Lashes Dream – My Collaboration with Magica Lashes

                                      MAGNETIC LASHES

When I first heard about Magnetic lashes I immediately wanted to get my hands on them. I ‘am not the best when it comes to apply false lashes with the glue (patience is not my best virtue ). I always dreamed about a much easier product to wear quickly before going out. I reached out to MAGICALASHES.COM , the company that chose on amazon , to ask for some magnetic lashes to test out for this post, and here we are!I received the box in less than a week , and loved the curly

Honestly , it took me like 15 minutes to apply them the first time , joke is on me .. After several tries, I was satisfied with the position of my lashes. They initially felt heavier than I expected,in a few hours I’ve become used to it. here are my results ..






I only have a couple of advises : Pick eyelashes with the magnets positioned on the outside of your lashes and line up the false lashes perfectly , curl your own lashes adding a little mascara on . — the magnets attract anyway,don’t worry !
When it comes to the removal the process was absolutely pain-free and took only a second , and made me feel like “Medusa ” from the 1977 animated movie ” The Rescuers”, basically the character that make me discover fake lashes as a child ..






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  • Reply Nicole 10/04/2018 at 19:02

    I definitely have to try these lashes! I was always scared to buy them because i can barely get the glue ones on right so i will have to try these out!!

  • Reply Janemultilux 10/04/2018 at 21:56

    Wow interesting! I’ll definitely try it out.

  • Reply silvia 13/04/2018 at 17:28

    it’s not that as difficult as the glue ones , and less sticky indeed!

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