My new Blorange look by L’Oreal Colorista & Adore Lenses

Adore Lenses and L'Oreal Colorisa blog post 2



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                                   L’Oreal Colorista Washout




After a so many thoughts about it I tried L’Oreal Colorista Washout … and of course it didn’t go as expected .. DAAHH !

Turns out I am a more peachy pink than a pastel pink, but I have got to say it  somehow works ! The reason of this sudden change is due to the dye I already had underneath, it’s a pity I know , I just really wanted to try out this new pastel dye, to share my opinion about it on the blog.  So my “feelings “ about this Colorista Dirty Pink Washout color are a little mixed up , I can’t say it doesn’t work correctly, because it does, fact is that you have to make sure that the bleaching operation is made professionally. My Biggest advise if you are a brunette is to consult a hairdresser before bleaching your hair , or to use the one-day spray,like I will do next time 😀 .

You might notice an additional difference in my look, let’s start from the beginning . A couple of months ago I planned a brand new collaboration with Adore Lenses , famous worldwide for the beautiful and fully colored eye contact lenses. I will soon post a new article about my new seductive green glance so keep on checking on blog and Social Media 😉 !

                 Adore Cosmetic and Beauty Contact Lenses





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