Vintage Inspired Clothing – My Collaboration with Wardrobe Shop

Vintage Inspired Clothing Brought Anew

If you have not visited then you need to head over there right now. No matter what style of clothing you are into there is something there for you. The vintage clothing and shoes at Wardrobe Shop can be for so many different styles that it is mind blowing. If you are goth, there is something in there for you. If you are into contemporary clothing, there is something for you. The one thing that really jumped out at me was that if you are into steampunk the whole website can be your guide into the fashion of the steampunk world. All of the vintage clothing have their own specific titles of which era they come from, but you could mix and match each beautiful piece.


There are so many different styles within this website. There are clothes labeled as vintage, Victorian, steampunk, Western, Old Wester, Farmhouse, Romantic, and many more. Most of the clothing is from the 1900’s and you can find anything from dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, and even wedding dresses. If you are looking for something unconventional, unique, and beautiful you will be able to find it on this website. Even if you are looking for something that would be considered in style today you would be able to find it. There are blouses that I would swear were not even vintage inspired and I would have in my own closet.

Vintage Fashion

Even though these clothes are vintage in style they can be made modern so easily. There are tops that could be paired with a simple pair of jeans and be made so modern. The skirts, no matter the type of vintage style they are, can be easily paired with a blouse or even just a tank top. These are some very simple and easy ways to make these vintage styles jump from their era and into the modern era. So even if you are not trying to enter yourself into a different era through cosplay or steampunk, you can enjoy the beauty these articles of clothing have. Change up your style and make yourself feel so unique by stepping out of the modern trap we have put our youth in. Try something new by wearing something that looks old. I know that I am very open minded about this idea and hope to get some of these clothes myself to share with the world my unique style.