KINGS OF CONVENIENCE : CELEBRATING 15 YEARS – Castello Normanno Svevo Cosenza


Folk music from Norway harmoniously played inside the unique frame of a charming castle restored by Federico II.


Looks like a good premise for an historical novel to me,but this is actually what happened inside the “ Hohenstaufen Castle “ of Cosenza. The perfect location for this well – known Norwegian duo to Celebrate 15 Years Of Music.

An exhibition full of cheerfulness,during the performance the two musicians plays with the audience, inviting us to sing and snap fingers, breaking all forms of formalities, laying the foundation for a peaceful evening full of smiles and emotions.

Quiet is the new loud, simple and hypnotic, was the big opening of the evening, and also the beginning of a wonderful career .Winning A Battle, Losing The War, Toxic Girl, Failure are just some tracks performed before increasing with the disarming beauty of Mrs. Cold, passing through the most naked simplicity of 24 -25 and Know -how, everything unfolds around the lively inlays of six strings, so elaborated but yet , never obsessive.

When MISREAD  arrived we were all already standing, filming and clapping, a beautiful feeling of calm and warmness of the soul invaded us, the viewers of an informal exhibition, held together by the harmony of a warm summer night and a flawless performance.

During the summer nights, in south Italy the sky looks closer to Earth, That night in particular the wind was carrying not only a smooth peaceful music, but also a calming atmosphere due to the Scandinavian serenity that the kings of convenience are able to transfer .

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Kings Of Convenience – Misread



Castello normanno-svevo (Cosenza) :

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Castello normanno-svevo (Cosenza)


Castello normanno-svevo (Cosenza)


Castello normanno-svevo (Cosenza)



Castello normanno-svevo (Cosenza)


Castello normanno-svevo (Cosenza)









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