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In any room decor, two things occupy the most important place; they are the curtains and the wall paper. These are those two things in any room that would attract much of the attention. Hence, if you want that your rooms are attractive and have a different look, and then you must think of something different and exclusive. Why not choose horse curtains?to hang on the windows of your son?
So, when you are planning to hang horse curtains, you should take care of the following.

cute horse curtain

Although you have decided about the prints or the style of the curtain, yet you have not decided about the fabric of the curtains. There are so many different types of fabric to choose from. Choose from velvet, cotton, synthetic fibers, faux, lace, or anything else. Yes, the choice range is very wide and you have to choose the best from them. You have to decide about the fabric keeping in mind few things like durability, cost, texture and fall. You must remember that the horse designs should go well on the curtains.

Jelly-like cake light

Although you must have decided about the designs, but even there is variation in horse designs too. So, depending upon the size of the room, the places where the windows are situated and other furnishing of the room, you have to choose a curtain with horse designs on it. You should remember that if you are hanging the curtain over a window that has much space beside it, you can choose big size horse prints. However, if the space is not more, you must choose smaller horse prints.

Jelly-like cake light

You may choose horse curtains as a part of a theme. So, when you choose them make sure that you have considered the theme properly. Remember if the curtain is not proper it would make your room look odd.



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