Easy low calories chocolate cookies

Creating new recipes is something that I absolutely love to do! It’s so relaxing and inspiring , sometimes it works,sometimes doesn’t, but it’s always reassuring .

Lately I am talking a lot about my new challenge : get back in shape being healthier person. I am trying to have a better -realistic knowledge of my metabolism ,and to workout a little more . Eating healthy homemade food is not that hard ,I have always loved veggies more than everything else! The challenge comes at breakfast, having a sweet breakfast is a must for me.. (as for every Italian), so I prepared some healthy oatmeal cookies , with no eggs and fats! Here you have the vegan recipe :

🍪 70 gr of oats

🍪 70 gr of spelt or kamut

🍪 50 gr quinoa

🍪 20 gr of chocolate chips

🍪 1 spoon of flour

🍪 2 spoons of cocoa

🍪 1 tea spoon of yeast

🍪 30 gr of honey /dark sugar

🍪 50 gr of almonds

🍪 30 ml seed oil

🍪30 ml of water & pinch of salt

Oven 180 ° for 20 – 30 min

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