Pastel Pop & Monkey lights By Seletti Design


 Pastel Pop :

Sharp contrasts and soft style are added to this living space with the intriguing angles and inviting palette of colors of a perfect wallpaper.

Starting with the Natura Morta series, a striking Carrara marble support that features a smooth, half-elliptical shape with a hole cut on one side, I tried to recreate a sensation of calm and smoothness . This is an elegant object inspired by the Japanese art of Ikebana, (a disciplined art that merges nature and architecture according to one’s own personality) , a Striking Carrara marble support that features a smooth, half-elliptical shape with a hole cut on one side that allows the insertion of branches.

Using a pastel rainbow make-up picture I created this panel , and after the third tentative I chose that the best position is on top of the light blue sofa .
Monkey Lights :

Bringing bold design to this interior with this Sitting Monkey lamp by  Seletti is the original though for this set. Crafted from resin,these jumping monkeys are holding cables ( LED light bulb included) . Standing / hanging monkeys in resin are available in the collection in black ,as well as the Mouse lamp , these whimsical lamps look fabulous together giving that “ contemporary Art touch “ to your home living. Designed by MArcantonio RAimondi MAlerba

A focus on Seletti :

With their innovation and originaility this company is building one success after the other . Focusing on the design they use objects as tools to express creativity and irony while creating icons . During the Milan Design Week they opened its first Flagship store in Corso Garibaldi 117 , don’t forget to stop by!


Graham & Brown Pastel Geometric Wall Mural Wallpaper

Sara Ricciardi Natura Morta Support in Carrara Marble


Sofa by Anne-Mette Bartholin and Morten Ernst

Sara Ricciardi Natura Morta Sphere in Carrara Marble

Flair Sospensione Solar Chandelier

Seletti Home Monkey Table Lamp

Seletti Monkey Lamp – Sitting – White

Seletti Monkey Led Pendant