Eccentric and Nostalgic designed by EsvìCode

The dining area is the place to create drama and a remarkable atmosphere, more than anywhere else.

If you ask me, it’s also the best spot in the house to fit out as an art gallery, this should explain to you this peculiar composition,inspired by a great movie The Grand Budapest Hotel directed by one of my favorite filmmakers, Wes Anderson .

Personally, in my dining area I always try to create a sequence, starting from the central painting, trying to develop a history around it. In this case,this set created itself, I firstly found the wallpaper : Domestic Mont Rose wallpaper by LOVEDESIGN.COM , pink, purple, collage technique, an alpine landscape,I felt like if I had a mission : TO CREATE SOMETHING ECCENTRIC AND NOSTALGIC.

The sixty atmosphere is a natural consequence of the wallpaper theme and a direct inspiration from the movie,located in a unique hotel in the fancied Republic of Zubrowka (Eastern Europe).

I also chose to keep a dark background (“Simple Solids Wallpaper in Purple design by BD Wall”) to increase the intensity around the Central Wallpaper (used as a painting), framed by a “Vertex Burgundy Diamond Geometric Wallpaper from the Symetrie Collection”,Both wallpaper can be found on BURKEDECOR.COM.

32305902752661a7d6bab7332a4ca6e7Once the wall was ready the table came into play, “Pre-Owned Danish Teak Dining Table & 4 Chairs” :A five piece set; including 4 chairs designed by Kai Kristiansen and a dining table designed by Poul Hundevad. Originally retailed as a suite in the 1960s. A Lovely piece of furniture found on ONEKINGSLANE.COM , (plus my grandmother used to have a similar one).

At this stage I wanted to fill the rest of the wall ,nothing simpler : using these rustic-modern animal decor from ETSY.COM  :” Faux Antlers Plaque Wall Hanging Rustic Modern Wall Antlers” Bordered by several baroque frames,I gave three-dimensionality, and the “ Webb Mid Century Modern Medium Coffee Table” at the edge of the wall was a flawless touch to conclude and define this style.

This freaky dining room that probably one person out of every thousand would use inside his house/hotel/scenography, with plenty of unusual decor,is on my personal podium ,at the end I wanted to recreate the atmosphere that captured me : Eccentric and Nostalgic .