Finding myself with a dress

In love with a Dress , Or is  just the idea of the Dress?

Is there any dress that makes you feel just yourself? I found one that does the trick for me .. You know I am a generous curvy girl , ( that’s actually a nice way to say chubby ) .

But it’s not about the dress precisely , it’s more about the way I feel while wearing it ..

Let’s say the truth , the perception of ourselves changes according to what we are wearing . We feel lazy and a little depressed if we hide too much in our beloved pajamas, and stresses if we wear heels all the time.

I know it sounds ridiculous but this summer dress helped me redefine myself a little.


Now , I know this sounds odd , but let me explain myself . I usually wear jeans and tees like pretty much every blogger ,vlogger or instagrammer .  it’s compfy and stylish , and I really like the casual chic style ,but anyway ..

I was kind of bored by my wardrobe , and felt like it didn’t represent my personality no more. Too girly? Too youngish ? Maybe yes..

But still , what to wear ? I want to wear clothes that represents myself today . Not sexy , or trendy , or even cool , just myself. Sounds wired , but still .. This Button Front Midi Dress from Genuine People helped me in a way .

When I saw it I thought that’s the dress for me right now , for this moment of my life :Summer ’18 , turning 29 . Maybe that was the point ,of my wardrobe crisis, I was turning 29 in a few days , and not ready for it . I wasn’t feeling appropriate , I wasn’t fine with myself ,because of my age , of the pressure ,the expectations vs reality of life..

But that’s another story guys , and another post , that I will be happy to share with you soon in the brand-new Blog category : Life Is a Journey … Keep on coming and follow me on social media for more updates.



 Button Front Midi Dress : – GENUINE PEOPLE


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