Best places to have Brunch in Milan ! – Under 25 €

In a few days I will celebrate my third anniversary here in Milan ! It’s a big step and happy to celebrate with a brunch in the hearth of the city. Since I am planning and listing the best places where I had brunch in the past years, I thought why don’t I create a list for you as well!

A BRUNCH IN MILAN? Definitely yes!

Milan a city full of beauties, that you can visit easily in a weekend! Enjoying a tour of the city, starting from the Cathedral of Milan in the Duomo square. Don’t forget a shopping session is a must here, as much as the intense cultural visits. A day dedicated to the city’s museums is a wonderful idea as well, and believe me, it’s better to plan ahead. But what happens when you feel tired after all those thrilling activities ? Milan can be pretty hot in spring and summer, so eating a traditional Pizza or a pasta dish it’s not always the best idea for lunch ! Enjoying an invigorating fresh meal that combines fresh fruit, sweet and salty specialties is great alternative.

The right answer for you is … Brunch!

Typical Milanese Brunch or International Brunch ? It’s up to you, the Italian idea of brunch is a savvy gourmet experience. The buffet involves delicious creations spanning from fresh fish and fruit, to sushi and fried delicacies, salads and first or main courses (like pasta and burgers).

Peck  – Average Cost 100 € for two people

Under 25 €

oTTo  – Paolo Sarpi

Gustavo – Solari

Hygge Milan Navigli

L’OV – Milano Solari

Ostello Bello – Carrobbio

Hambistro  – Navigli

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