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Iconic Food ? My Favorite!

                                    DISCOVERING NEW PLACES IN MILAN Here we are ! Eating a Japanese savory pancake , wearing some sort of japanese streetwear outfit . Yes ,It’s Okonomiyaki time ! I am a bit of an Iconic food maniac , I have got to admit…


Venezia Stole my Heart

VENEZIA IS MAGICAL Spent the Easter visiting this magical city . A trip planned a while ago , I was so happy and excited before our arrive , but I had no Idea of what I was going through . The place is honestly…


Ladies Touch – First post after Polyvore Shutdown

                                                   Goodbye  POLYVORE     Hello my home decor vultures! If you are in shock as I have been for days after Polyvore suddenly closed , I bet you need a little treat .. That’s why I am sharing one of the latest decor…


My Spring wishlist on

    I’am I kind of nostalgic lately? Absolutely yes. Maybe it’s because is still raining here in Milan,I am waiting for the colors of sunshine to explode all around me. So I am spending a little more time indoor , in the new…


Love for Plants

A new e-Decor, full of plants as usual! With a danish touch provided by couch, lamp and book shelf mostly . We will move into our new apartment in a couple of weeks,and I am looking for inspiration from everywhere .  I am mostly…