I am stuck with the beginning of this pot, because I can only think about the world ”Spectacular ”, but this actually describes perfectly the show I attended on May 17,so let’s use it!

The show started a few minutes after 21:00,the opening made by the song ” DRONES ” last track from the new and homonym album (winner of a Grammy awardBEST ROCK ALBUM ”) an echo of harmonious voices that have prepared us for the much more powerful intro of ” PSYCO ” and if you are wondering : Yeees it was a great idea.

Matt Bellamy was dynamic while emerging from the darkness with his guitar, I have to admit I never really appreciated him as a guitar player before this live concert. I know, Shame on me.

The first innovation about ” Drones World Tour ” is the stage that rotates continuously, the second ? Flying drones over the audience during the shows. Sensational.

 REAPERS ” came next,the rotating stage works as a time machine because ” BLISS ”, (my favorite !) came along,followed by ” DEAD INSIDE ”,than ” CITIZEN ERASED ”. Meanwhile, on the screens there is a succession of shots in the foreground and apocalyptic scenes, the leitmotif is definitely war and dehumanization, it’s the journey of a human being becoming a drone without his will.

THE 2nd LAW : ISOLATED SYSTEM  ”,  just before ” THE HANDLER ”, holographic hands pull the band around by puppet strings,another amazing and impressive effect inside this visually stunning tour.

Just after that overpowering ”SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE ”, an impressive number of voices covered Matthew Bellamy, the crowd made themselves heard, after all we are talking about a 6 dates sold-out ,only in Milan.

Giant balloons drones descend and rotate from the heavens at ” STARLIGHT ”, with red, green,purple and blue lights from everywhere, I got the shivers! We all sung as a professional choir, while Bellamy run from end to end of the stage,and here we go free balloons full of ”confetti” in the audience,that Chris Wolstenholme blew up for the crowd.

As if the level of excitement wasn’t enough, ” MADNESS ” was the succeeding tune,the atmosphere became carefree and friendly; Wolstenholme and Howard performed ” Munich jam ”in a breath,with truthfulness.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT ” and” UPSPRING ”as an explosion for those present at the Mediolanum Forum, impossible not to accompany the music with handclasps.


Something that need his own space, ” TAKE A BOW” brings us the final level : the performance of ”MERCY”, a remarkable live version of an underestimated song (at least for me ! ), full of smoke, streamers, and synchronized lights.

KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA ” introduced by ” Man with a Harmonica ”(Ennio Morricone, played by Wolstenholme) is the big final,a perfect conclusion, since the song’s meaning is to teach people to stand up for themselves and make their own destiny, that we can easily link to ”DRONES” album missive ” The power of an individual can overcome a complex system”.

In conclusion,I recommend this wonderful event to everybody,Big fans, little fans,even if you only like one track,just go, and enjoy all the sounds and emotions that this sensational band is ready to give you.