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Two individuals sitting on a ledge perched perilously over us . A big screen as the background of the main stage surrounded by two smaller lateral screens ,where images runs free..

Cityscapes ,surveillance cameras , revolutions and secrete societies , and two feel free to image this mixed with a live stream of the band recorded in black and white. Yes ,pretty cool stuff.
It’s around 21:15 ,the band comes on the stage after a pretty warming opening performed by the band ” Rationale ” . Bastille started the concert performing Send Them Off! , Laura Palmer and Warmth . Jumping from one point o the stage to the other Dan Smith walked through Parterre ,and when the moment to play Flaws arrived ,he singed from the closest stand, surrounded by the excited crowd of fans ,impossible not to jump and sing all the time !

After this exiting moment ( that I happily recorded and published on my instagram ) , a whimsical moment arrived with Oblivion . It was the first live performance I ever attended from Bastille, can’t deny that I am impressed about how easily the mood changed during this dazzling performance ; Some songs made me feel in touch with all the surrounding people in the Forum ,while others tracks touched me in the deep , providing the same feeling I have while I listen to them alone with headphones..







Things We Lost in the Fire

The Draw

The Currents

The Anchor

Bad Blood

Four Walls ( The Ballad of Perry Smith )



All tunes played with energy and enthusiasm , an intermittent preparation to the nostalgic rhythm of : Of the Night , the super 90s mash up cover of  ” Rhythm is a dancer ” from Snap! (1992) and the Italian ” The rhythm of the night ” , from Corona . Performed from a much more little stage located in the middle of the crowd . Wistful .



Fake It
Weight of Living, Pt. II
Good Grief – ( Finally , I am obsessed with this song )


Two Evils

From my first row spot , I had the chance to look at the band closely and to notice their expression , the whole performance was played with incredible effort by all members Dan Smith, Chris Wood, Kyle Simmons ,Will Farquarson and four other great musicians . Their technical preparation often takes second place ,since we live in a consumerist society, it’s easy to judge badly Bastille and many other “new rock bands” for their level of commercial success ,but now more than ever I feel free to say that this is a huge mistake . I suggest you to book a ticket for Wild ,Wild World Tour as soon as possible, never less because you can have the chance to find Dan Smith singing next to your seat!