CELEBRATES WOMEN

When I imagine the figure of the Woman inside the society I always think about our strength , we have many roles in this world,but bringing ” the positive change ”  it’s one of my favorite .

What’s the positive change?

I am not sure there is only one answer to this question , to me the positive change it’s hidden behind our way to see the world , it’s natural and probably instinctive that every time we see a problem we want to solve it ,in a logical but still spontaneous way .This the first reflection I made while staring all these powerful woman enclosed in paper frames while visiting  Annie Leibovitz Woman : New portraits .

No Need of a Bio , but still :

Annie Leibovitz (born 1949) has been working for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Vogue just to name a few , sharing  powerful images documenting popular culture,until to be  considered one of America’s best portrait photographers.

Iconic Cover for ‘Rolling Stone’ :


Iconic Cover for ‘Vanity Fair’ :


Iconic Cover for ‘Vogue’ :


Exhibitions of Leibovitz’s work have been shown at museums and galleries all around the world , I have always been a big fan ,so the long queue we attended didn’t downhearted me ( but yes there was a long long line, so long that they distributed icicles to everybody! )

The exposition commissioned by UBS ,it’s making a world tour ,after London , Tokio , San Francisco ( and of course Milano ) , it will stop Frankfurt New York and Zurigo , so keep an eye on the website UBS.com and be ready for it !

What I enjoyed the most :


MERYL STREEP ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits


ANNIE LEIBOVITZ & DAUGHTERS ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits


JOAN DIDION ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits


KETY LEDECKY ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits

KARA WALKER ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits

KARA WALKER ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits


ADELE ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits


JERRY HALL ©AnnieLeibovitz from WOMEN : New Portraits